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Welcome to Birding Tours Colombia, specialists in matching birds with conservation. We go birding for a double purpose: enjoying birds and while doing so, helping others in their commitment for protecting nature. We offer amazing birding trips in the most beautiful locations, supporting public and private conservation efforts in Colombia aimed. Colombia Birding Tours. Colombia, with its diverse landscapes, is home to more bird species than any other country in the world. The Andes make their northern terminus here, splitting into three fingers. In between lie valleys full of endemic birds, 74 at last count, and the famous Santa Marta region to. Our exciting Colombia birding tours focus on the many endemic and special birds to be found within this, the world’s richest birding nation. A staggering 1,900. Colombia is a wonderful country and I love it very much thanks to the time I was on the tour with the Bogota Birding company. For me it was a satisfying experience, I was able to observe many birds and contemplate majestic landscapes. Manakin Nature Tours is the company with more experience in specialized nature tours in Colombia; expert local guides and more of 20 birding and wildlife.

With an estimated rich of 1932 bird species, Colombia is the country with the highest number of species worldwide. Therefore, Colombia is one of the mandatory destinations for all those who consider themselves as bird watchers. Colombia today is perhaps the best country in the world to do birding. WINGS Birding Tours to Colombia: The Chocó - A remote biodiversity hotspot – Itinerary. WINGS is a worldwide birding tour company based in Tucson, Arizona. Our extensive knowledge of the country’s birds and their specific locations, plus our careful management of logistics means one thing: highly successful tours. Read more about why Multicolor Birding is the best choice for your next birding trip in Colombia View More». Colombia has become one of the hottest birding destinations on the planet. Most of the country has become very safe in recent years, and it boasts more bird species than any other country on Earth. We currently offer two birding tours and a photo tour; custom tours are also possible. Northern Colombia: The Santa Marta. Colombia birding is undoubtedly the most diverse, exciting birding destination on Earth. With two coastlines, four cordilleras and a vast expanse of Amazonian rainforest habitats, one could spend years searching out all the natural wonders it holds. So, how many birds could one see.

The Tours. Our tours are planned as ones that we ourselves would like to go on, so they are very strongly oriented toward birds. All Birding Colombia leaders have varied interests in natural history and other related fields, but the timing and itinerary of our tours is. Although our adventure will provide ample opportunity to observe a large number of common species, this tour concentrates on reserves that protect the last remaining habitats of some of the most range-restricted, and in some cases, the most endangered birds in the world. Colombia is in many ways the most European of all the South American. Birding Tours Colombia adopts the code of conduct and legal compromise for the protection of young women and boys from any form of sexual exploitation and violence originated by national or foreign tourists. In consequence, we will communicate to authorities all. Bogota Birding and Colombia Nature Tours offer exceptional value when it comes to specialist guided birding tours in Colombia. We also offer nature, orchid, frogging, mammal, history and archaeological tours. Colombia with Bogota Birding for to start the Endemic Birds tours. COLOMBIA: THE LLANOS & MORE: A short but bird-rich small-group tour to the llanos of eastern Colombia for Crestless Curassow, Pale-headed Jacamar, and White-bearded Flycatcher, among others, plus several sites near the capital city of Bogota for a fine variety of endemics and specialties.

Icaro Birding tours to Colombia are inspiring, well thought out and flawlessly implemented for you to have a an up-close-and-personal experience with the best of Colombia. Colombia Birding Tour with FIELD GUIDES: Bogota, Magdalena, Santa Marta. See a lot of birds, have a lot of fun.

Colombia birding tours with Jaguarundi Travel is your best birding option. with more than 1,921 species No 1 in the world!, is a paradise for birding tours. This avian diversity is due to the many ecosystems and geographical conditions of the area: two oceans, the three branches of the Andes, the Chocó region, the Amazon jungle, and the Orinoco plains. We are a colombian birding company, planning and leading birding/birdwatching tours around Colombia regions according to your desires. Our tours focus on Santa Marta Mountains, Anchicayá Valley, Amazon: Mitú - Vaupés, Colombia Andes, The mid.

  1. Found in Colombia in the Eastern & Central Andes, from Boyacá & Caldas south to Ecuador. Can be seen in Los Nevados but at higher altitudes than most sites visited by birding groups. This image was taken in Los Nevados, on the road to Laguna del Otún.
  2. COLOMBIA: The number one country for birds! Birding is fun, and Colombia has the birds! Come and join us in one of our regular tours or write for a customized tour according to your needs. We pursue the rarest birds along valleys and mountains, but we also celebrate the beauty that lies in all species. We celebrate the joy of birding!
  3. Birding Tours Colombia has specialized in offering private & customized tours for birders & nature photographers with precise goals. If you want us to help organize a private tour for you, please write us HERE with your birding goals and photography requirements.

08/02/2019 · The films aims to change the perception of Colombia through showcasing the diversity of birds who live there. “Birdwatching in Colombia is a real adventure. These guides and biologists are always finding new things”, says director Gregg Bleakney. The Very Best of Colombia: Western and Central Andes, Chocó Lowlands, and Caribbean Lowlands February 2020/2021. We invite you to our revised Birding Tour Colombia: The Very Best of Colombia. This itinerary provides the best in term of birds that this country has to offer. Robert Oates UK 7 Days Private Birding Tour September 2017. Piculet Birding Staff Miles McMullan. Miles McMullan is the author of the fieldguides to the birds of Colombia, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, Hummingbirds of the world and collaborates as a writer for many Newspapers and Magazines.

A 7-day birding tour focused around the Capital City of Bogota, an area you can to find a lot of birds and nature. Almost 200 birds with very good times for photography in paramo and cloud forest. Colombia is simply vast. With arguably the most diverse avifauna of any single country on Earth, there are far too many special and important habitats to visit in anything less than several months’ time. As part of our continuing effort to do this magnificent country justice, our new Remote. This Youtube Channel has been made with the purpose to help you recognize and enjoy the diverse and amazing Birds of Colombia. This videos has been made when.

You will bird in a variety of habitats. This tour has globally endangered and endemic bird species. You will travel main core the country. This bird watching trip you will enjoy the surrounding andean area, with total access everywhere, the birds are really close to enjoy and take pictures.Also we can enjoy the coffee tour near to birding areas.Photo: Piculet-Birding-Tours-Colombia_La-minga. Choosing the right tour is very important. We want our participants to feel comfortable and our groups to bond. We have Tours for every kind of person that loves birds, and we know there are birders with different levels of expertise, interests,and paces.

Our exciting Colombia birding extension takes us to the Santa Marta Mountains and the Guajira desert region in northern coastal Colombia. The Santa Marta massif is an isolated mountain range and its snow-capped peaks are the highest coastal mountains in the world. This Colombia birding tour. NATURE COLOMBIA TOURS. Birding and wildlife encounters. Click here to edit title. Click here to edit text. Click here to edit title. Click here to edit text. Click here.

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